Oh yeah..the kiss

By the way, the first kiss in the movie, yeah thats going to win some awards. Seriously it was the best movie kiss I've ever seen and I would be lying if I said I didn't catch my self leaning forward wishing he was totally about to kiss me.

Yeah, it was that good.


Cristina Mathers said...

STOP trying to kiss my boyfriend!!!

Cheatwoods said...

lOl, i was more irritated by the kiss than that, i mean dont get me wrong most women in the world would love to kiss edward like that, but im such a book snob. the first kiss was so much shorter and sweeter than that! know what I mean?? I know, I know! Get over it, no movie is exactly like the book Jessica!

I did like when he almost couldnt stop sucking the venom out and he had to make himself. What selfless love to deny yourself everything for the one you love! SIGH!!

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