My pants are always frayed at the end, possibly because I'm too short. I like them like that, it feels like me, a little frayed at the ends. I can't chew minty gum. I like fruity stuff. Mint brings me down. There is never enough basil on things. I always feel stupid asking for more basil. My shoes are never organized. My side of the room is always a mess. I am a mess. My extended family makes me feel like I'm drowning. My kids are the single most amazing thing I've ever done. I wish I would have attended culinary school. I want to taste everything on the 1001 foods you need to try before you die list. I probably would never taste them because they are scary looking.

I don't fuss with my hair. I don't wear makeup. I'm the most high maintenance plain person you will ever meet. I drink coffee for the taste not the flavor. I love soup. I don't eat soup enough. I could waste a whole paycheck on Itunes. My Ipod is dying and I feel like a little piece of me is too.

There is never enough coffee. Or enough hot water. But always plenty of dishes. And crumbs on the floor. I wish my kids could wear footie jammies always. I can't imagine that some day they will grow up and move out. I wish they called me mommy and not mom. Mom sounds so grown up. I would love to cook like the people on Top Chef. I want to be a judge on Iron Chef. Not on a day they serve fish though, I don't think I would like trout ice cream.

I get excited over little things. Most recently I was thrilled over a new Maxi Pad. My littlest keeps calling the operator. I need to take a shower but my husband is sleeping. We are taking family pictures today. I wonder if we can photoshop out my donut waist. Lets photoshop out my sons lack of haircut too.

I'm tired. Very tired.


Cristina Mathers said...

this totally made me tear up.

Valley Girl said...

Is it weird that I LOVE this post? You are fabulous. And I'm sure that all of these things are why your hubby loves you.

Anonymous said...

I think that may have been my favorite post yet.

Mrs. F said...

Hey. we totally have something in common. I don't think I would like trout ice cream, either!

Jiff said...

I'm short so my jeans are frayed too. I wish I could cook like the peeps on Top Chef, too. I, too, wish I had gone to culinary school.
And I love coffee for the taste, not the flavor too. :)

Are we long lost sisters? :)

Sorry I haven't posted comments much...but I'm back. :)

kristi said...

LOL...we are so alike!

angie said...

I like the list of you! This was a great post! I must say my favorite analogy is that your pants are frayed because you are short but that you feel a little frayed too!

the calm before the stork said...

Brilliant post. I related to a lot. The frayed jeans, the culinary fancies, the donut waist.

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