School picture and the piano man

Brandons first school picture. I want to know who this guy was and how in the fuck he got my kid to smile like this.

Seriously after Christmas, once everyone has seen the card and the pictures I'm going to post the outtakes on here because they are funny shit and none of them, not even the good ones look like the kid above. This picture man, whoever he is, IS A GENIUS!

Brandon, like his mom has created his own language. He often comes up with words that he uses normally like they are just...regular old words. He likes to say, "juke." What is a juke? Beats me. He does it whe he is poking you, or tickling you or something. He also loves to say Shawka while making the hang loose sign. Papa taught him that. So, now when he is in trouble I'll say, Brandon why did you do that? He looks at me, thinks for a second and says "shawka" and runs. He has a favorite though. Bawka. Pronounced like Bawk uh. He often says you are a silly bawka. Today he told me I was a silly bawka. Finally I said Brandon what on earth is a Bawka? His reply?

"A bawka is a knucklehead mom and you a bawka."

Thanks kid!

And finally, the piano man!

I believe we have the next Billy Joel on our hands


Cheatwoods said...

SUPERMAN! Thats a great school picture! HEy I want to put white and nerdy on my blog, how do I do that? I can give you my password and you can do it if you want.lol, do you like how I made that sound like it would be fun for you!!??

Jiff said...

GORGEOUS pictures!

Mrs. F said...

So cute. I love the school picture! I have never had any terrific school shots...*sigh*...Maybe next year.
Oh, and the piano man? Is totally adorable!

Lindz said...

I wish my school pictures were that rad. I guess I needed a Superman t-shirt, dammit mom. They are getting soooo big.

angie said...

Brandon's school picture is adorable! It looks nice on my fridge too :) His language cracks me up...it's like you are the dumb one for not understanding...duh mom how could you not know that a bawka is a knucklehead!

Valley Girl said...

Your kids are so frikkin' cute. Every time I see pics of them, I just want to pinch their cheeks!

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