Chunky monkey

Is it odd that my child is 6 weeks old and already in size 2 diapers? Brandon wasn't in size two until he was almost a year old....wait maybe that is whats odd.

New addition

My husband reads this blog now. And after reading my post about how much I love him he has decided he wants me to write more about our fights so that my readers can get a full monty look at our relationship. I haven't written about our fights much for two reasons...
1. I thought he would be mad because he always says I tell people too much.
2. My parents read this, and even though every couple fights they always think the worst if they hear Rob and I so much as fought over a paint color.

So while I've always told you Rob and I argue, because we so do and we are so normal and fighting is one of the most important part of a relationship, I've never actually discussed it. So watch out for my new addition to the blog. Shannon and Rob actually fight!

Would you believe my mommy is crazier then me

My mom is fascinated with my ginormous cheeks

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