It's Brandons banket

Since he was born I wanted Brandon to have some kind of lovey. My mom wanted to make him a blanket so we thought of different things that Brandon loves and recognizes and then she hand embroidered them onto squares and made it into a blankie for him. When you point to something he refers to it as Brandon's. So it isn't a picture of Nemo its, Brandon's Memo.

Up Close

Brandon cuddling his blankie in bed

Wii for dummies

Katie & her husband Casey boxing

Good punch Katie

Codi playing hard

Still playing hard

Casey being very serious at bowling


Ginger watching Katie bowl

I asked Casey to smile


Second before this picture Rob looked at Casey and said "are you going to smile?", Casey was like "yeah," so then they both looked and smiled

Robs in the zone

Katie thinking, I can't see Shannon but I know shes up to something

Studiously reading the directions before the big race

Run forest run.

I was pretty sad no one got a video of my awesome bowling stance...its the best!
All videos are very short but worth clicking
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Ginger and Katie playing Wii
Rob & Casey playing
Shannon & Ginger playing

Theme song