Last night I was going to fuck him up, this morning...maybe I'm the asshole

Remember recently when I said I would let you in on Rob and I's fights? I bet you were starting to wonder if we ever got into fights. Last night we finally had one. Was it warranted..mmmm maybe not so much, was I passionate about it while it was happening, OH HELL YES!

So remember my big fall this weekend? Well that combined with my asinine attempt at spinning, made me very soar and quite a bit stinky. I tell Rob when he picks up Brandon at work that I was going to take a shower while the chicken was cooking. He replied, "babe, you don't have to tell me when you want to shower." I was like, "Okay but I want to shower tonight for sure." (I normally shower mornings because I do not like sleeping with wet hair, I figured if I showered by 5pm it would be dry though.) I get home and he has company over playing Wii. This was fine. What was not fine is that he hadn't moved the Wii out of our bedroom so they were playing in there. Umm my shower is see through. So much for my shower. While he is eating, I figure I might as well take a nice bath so at least I'm clean and I can was my hair in the morning. Rob goes in the room after dinner like always, he goes potty like always, and he starts to do some things he does before showering. I tell him, "babe I want to take a bath after your shower." He says fine. (I have to bathe after him because he says I use all the hot water.) I'm super tired at this point because Codi was up a lot the night before and, well I'm always tired. So I walk out and come back in and he has the video game controller in his hand. I thought he was turning the game off from when his friends were there. I come out and check my email and eat a little diet ice cream. About a half hour passes and I think to myself, gee he's been in there for a while. I'm getting very tired and I go in to see if he's almost done. He's in the bathroom, and then I look over and realize the shower is dry. I ask if he has even gotten in and he tells me that no, he was actually playing video games that whole time.

Insert Shannon's head lighting on fire and bursting right here!

I get pissed off, grab Codi and get into bed. Rob's like babe just take a bath after. NOPE I was mad. It would be way to late, Codi would be waking up and I was beyond tired. He comes in and I was just being a jerk. I was sighing and fussing around in bed and way mad. He asked what was wrong and I just let into him. I told him how it was rude he didn't think to say, Oh yeah sure you can take a bath after I shower, but I won't be showering until after I dick around on the video game more. I was extra mad because I was soooo dirty and soooo sore. So do you know what I did. I sighed and fussed and kicked my legs ALL NIGHT LONG. At one point around midnight Rob asked if I was seriously still mad, and know what? That made me madder! So you know what I did? I got right up and changed his picture frame! That would show him!

(a little background, I bought this for him one valentines day, and yes I really change it when he's being a shit)
This morning I wake up and all the sudden I realize, I was being such an asshole. There was soooo no reason for me to be mad. There was really no reason I couldn't have taken a bath after he showered. So what if I was tired, a bath would just be more relaxing while I was tired. So we chatted all day via Yahoo and then he gets home and mentions that I hadn't changed the frame back. I laughed and went back to cooking. A few minutes ago he got sad about it, so I fixed it. Now it looks like this.

So there you go. Our first fight of the New Year. We are sooo boring huh. By the middle of the day I already forgot I had been mad at him last night, and by the time we got home and he kissed me all was well. But man last night, when I didn't get to washing the horror of spinning off my body, boy did I want to fuck him up!

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