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I'm coming up on my 1,000 post. I had been thinking of something cool to do and then I was reading Cakerwakers blog. It made me go back and look at my old posts and comments. Want to see the first comment I ever received way back June of 06 when I started blogging?

My Wedding Memoirs said...

Just want to let you know if you want to compile your wedding photos into a nice video montage for free, just drop by My Wedding Memoirs to take a look!

Nice huh? My first comment was a fucking solicitation. I kept reading through. My first readers were Emery and her mom Momar (whom I think disowned me due to my extreme profanity). Then I found a third reader. Her name was sweet pea. I was shocked when I clicked it open and discovered that sweet pea is now Patty Just an NYC Girl. I was shocked. I had no clue Patty has been reading me for nearly 2.5 years now. I found a comment from a friend I met playing gin online. She was supposed to start a blog but never did. Then I noticed Cheatwoods on there. She used to read me pretty often. I think I'm also to profane for her tastes. I've had a lot of people comment once and never come back. I've had a few people tell me I suck. I like those comments, lets me know there are still real people out there. I've followed along with Kim who was one of my first commenter's. I've found amazing blogs but then somehow lost the links. I hate when I do that crap. I've had fun.

Cakerwakers asked why people blog. I think I do it mostly for me. It's nice to have somewhere to write the endless commentary in my head. Before this blog I had been known to call one of my friends and let em know that my pee was hot or how I won't pee with a wet butt. But now I just come here and write it so I don't say shit like that out loud in front of people I want to respect me. Fuck I write some quality shit on here huh? I wonder how many posts I've written that mention poop (one of my favorites)? 41 times thats how many. How on earth can one person think of 41 things to say about poop? I've pissed people off and made people happy, but mostly I've just blabbered a lot. I've asked questions that almost always go unanswered. Tried to take surveys and issued challenges that no one ever takes. I've started other blogs, like this and this. I even wrote out my love story, but I keep that private now, because you know, family reads this and all.

I've admitted that I was a terrible cheating girlfriend before I met my husband. I've talked about a lot of things I shouldn't have and yet I've never felt better for talking about them. I like this blogging thing. I hope to continue it for a while. So, in an effort not to bore you with the same ole thing I'm asking you to submit topics and or questions to me. If you have a question for me please leave it in a comment or email me at wilddreemer at yahoo dot com. This time, lets not all wuss out and not ask a question. I expect to see some kind of question from all of you regular blogger buddies of mine out there and a whole bunch more from my lurkers (I know your there, my Google analytics tell me so). So submit a question, or two, or five and I will answer them little by little leading up to my 1,000 post. The best question/s will be saved for that post! Lemme have it people! Ask me anything, nothing is off limits.

Off to cuddle my little baby now, adios fuckers.

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