The token check up post

Had two month doctor visit. Codi is 12.3 lbs and 22.5 inches tall. Thats a five pound weight gain since birth and a 3 inch height gain. His jaundice is all gone and his blood work was great. He absolutely hated everything about the doctors office though. He totally tensed up and started screaming and basically sent himself into shock just over the stethoscope. When he got his shots I was actually shocked he didn't stand up and kick the nurse in the head he was so pissed. Unlike Brandon he didn't just pass out after. Nope he sat there in my arms sniffling and giving me awful looks for doing that to him. It was so sad. He got mad at the paper under him on the table, mad if the doctor looked at him, and basically he was mad if anyone even breathed his direction. Can't wait for his next appointment! It's funny because Brandon didn't mind the doctor. He smiled at him and flirted with the nurses. It wasn't until he was 2 that he figured out he hated the doctor. Codi on the other hand is having none of this going to the doctor shit!

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