Let me see the Tootsie Roll aka losing whatever Rad factor I had left

While guest posting over at That Kind of Girl, I got to thinking about some music I really miss. You know, back in my parents day they had a lot of good music. Meaning a lot of their music is stuff we still listen to. For instance, Guns N Roses, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, The Stones and so on. My grandparents music however, not so much. I kind of get the feeling my era of music is going to fall in the realm of not so much. While I can't imagine anything by Tupac not still being totally dudealicious (one of my favorite words shut up along with badical and babeolicious) when I'm 40 I can see how my kids could think I was out of my damn mind for ever liking rap. But seriously, how could Tupac ever not be the greatest? It got me thinking of songs that I will dearly miss rocking out to. Songs that make me want to go grab my CDS and bust out in some sexy dancing poses.

Dancing Queen

Back that ass up

Reserved for Biggie songs
Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me

I will really miss
the Tootsie Roll
Anything Tupac
Most Biggie Stuff
The Flaming Lips (she uses vasaleeeene)
New Kids on th Block (Step One one one)
MC Hammer (I was 2 legit 2 quit) ((I know the hand gestures for that song))
Debbie Gibson (not Deborah)
Tiffany (runnin just as fast as we can now)
Blink 182
Smashing Pumpkins
The Cranberries (salami salami, oops I mean zombie zombie)

But no matter how cool all my music was, one thing is going to ruin it all for the hopes of my generation ever being cool again.

The Macaraina (shudder)

If I had a tri pod I think I would actually put on these CDs (yes I own all of those) and film myself doing my awesome dances for you all to see. Instead you have to settle on my fantastic pics up there. Raise the roof raise the roof.

In other news I think I forgot to post this conversation that took place between me and my husband the other day. (Might not be verbatim I lost the IM but it will be very close).

Rob: You are such a dork
Me: No I'm totally hip
Rob: Saying hip really ruins that
Me: You mean I just negated my own hipness
Rob: Yes but I love you even if you are a dork.

Come on ya'll am I really that unhip? I have to say this entire post isn't making a strong case for maintaining my rad factor.

Also I've gotten a few questions, some pretty normal, some funny and a couple pretty brave interesting ones for my 1000th. I must say I really expected more prying and juicy, funny, gag inducing questions from my readers. I mean, you all read me which means you must have some kind of gutter mind in there, I expect you guys to summon all that gutter mind when asking questions.

Theme song