Hi from the land of , thats gross, we're sick, and THAT IS NOT HOW YOU REST YOUNG MAN!

HI. We are sick here. It's really fun. By we I mean my two kids. Brandon seems to have the flu or something and Codi is sneezing boogers 2 feet across the room. Oddly, when I type flu I ALWAYS type out flue because I work in the HVAC industry and flue is something I type daily.

Anyway we got new pets. Did I tell you that? Did I tell you that my parents bought us 4 little fish? They are cute. One of them is a bully but the other three are really nice and cute and sweet. Anyway since we are home sick we have nothing better to do besides sit around and watch fish swim.

Awww look at em. See the black on there, the one with the giant eyes? His name is orange fish (guess who named him). Well orange fish used to be pretty cute with his big ole bug eyes. That is, until we started really watching him and he got soooo gross. He poops like 2 inch long poops. He starts with about a half inch then does some weird swim dancing shimmy shake moves and pushes out another half in and before you know it hes swimming around with 2 inches of poop dangling out his ass. I shit you not (pun intended) I'm so bored I took pictures for proof. My camera is being a slut though so you can't see very well but look closely to see his pink poop!

Look at me, I have 1.5 inches of shit dangling out of me.

See it there, it's so long it goes all the way down in front of that egg. As gross as it is we have all been oddly mesmerized by it.

And of course, after the actual real orange fish came and ate orange fish (the black ones) 2 inch long poop, Brandon is now asking if he too can eat "pish poop".


You can't even tell he's puking on my couch and coughing phlegm onto my arm and wiping 2 foot dangly gooey boogers onto my leg and belly can you?

THIS is exactly how you do sick.

You've got the right idea Codi!

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