• I wake up often during the night. Ever time I wake up during the night, and in the morning I wake up singing the fucking Backyardagins commercial. If you watch Noggin you know what I mean. The BOINGA SONG. Boinga, everything is boinga (pronounced boyn GA). Boinga is a stupid song to have stuck in your head. So now, every time I wake up I am up for at least 45 minutes trying to stop singing Boinga.
  • Last night for a little variety I woke up singing a tune from Lazy Town.
  • Starting your day singing children's songs is a great sign of the day to come.
  • I also lay around in bed thinking of blogs. For instance last night I laid there for hours saying, self, you need to post about the fucking boinga so maybe the fucking boinga will go away. In my head I said it just like that.
  • Do you know that every time I'm about to do something I take my glasses off. This includes read. So right now I go to staple some checks and I put my glasses on my head. When I eat they have to be off my face. It drives me nuts, I hate having them on but can't see with out em.
  • It is VERY hard to work with a new born smiling at you
  • Yes I call my three and a half month old son a newborn what you gonna do about it?
  • When I stack papers the smallest one has to be on top. So earlier I was putting all the checks in a stack. Most are stapled to a larger piece of paper but two aren't. Those two have to be on top or I totally freak out.
  • On the same note when I make a bank deposit all the large size checks have to be in back and the small ones in front. Then they have to be written on the deposit in the order of smallest check to largest checks. Checks that are taller then the large checks but less wide really piss me off and ruin my whole day because they have to go out of order.
  • I'm eating lunch right now egg salad, and ever since my husband toasted his bread for an egg salad I have to toast mine. In fact egg salad on untoasted bread is just plain wrong now.
  • I've chewed so much gum today in order to avoid over snacking that my tongue hurts from all the chewing.
  • I've had about 7 cups of tea today and I think I've peed more then when I was pregnant.
  • It is 43 degrees outside and I'm wearing flip flops simply becuase 43 degrees is warmer then 10 degrees and there is no visible snow which means it is flip flop weather in my eyes.
  • I am done with my lunch break that means I have to stop typing now and go back to working. Adios suckers!

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