I decided to redo my 100 list since my last one was written while I was very pregnant and emotional. Also this is a great way for my new readers to get to know me.

  1. I used to spend a lot of money, now I don't. I am very selective on my spending.
  2. This means that I used to think nothing of spending over a hundred dollars on jeans or a purse. Now, I look at anyone who does that and I kind of wonder what they are trying to prove.
  3. I own several Coach purses, I am now putting several on Craigs list because I no longer want to be associated with that kind of image.
  4. That means I've finally realized I am and will always be a jeans and tank top kinda girl who wears shoes with out laces and buys funky target purses.
  5. I am happier now that I went back to my roots instead of trying to be someone I'm not and impressing people I shouldn't have to impress. Back in the day I wore my moms old tie-dye shirts and jeans rather then fancy prissy shirts and leather boots. I'm happy to be back to my Vans
  6. I like to give credit where it is due. When I use someones recipe or I use their idea I always try and link to them, I like to do this to help the other people in the world get noticed. I'm also not to proud to admit when someone else helped me out with something or gave me ideas. In fact, 90% of everything I do or say I run by my mom or cousin first, and I always give them credit.
  7. I make it a point to ask people about their lives at least once a day with out mentioning whats going on in my own life.
  8. I've tried to learn to stop replying to everything someone says with stuff like, "oh me to," or "oh well I have a better story," I don't always succeed but I am trying so hard to make an effort.
  9. I really genuinely don't like being touched. Only about 5 people in my life really know and respect this
  10. I get more upset when I tell someone and they act like I'm not serious and hug me anyway
  11. I don't like acknowledging how I feel about hugs so if you don't know most of the time I will just allow you to hug me and scream on the inside.
  12. This is one reason I love my husband, he has learned to tell people to back off me when I'm not brave enough to do it
  13. I've been in a state of depression for almost 2 months. I can't figure out how to get out, but I think I appear as a functioning depressed person
  14. Last week I told my husband I wanted to go on medicine for this, but breast feeding is so important to me, I would rather be nutty for 15 months then not nurse my child
  15. I am passionate about breastfeeding, I realize I come across bold about this and piss people off and I just don't care. If you physically can't nurse fine, but if you can and you simply choose not to, and refuse to even try, it's safe to say I have some pretty bold statements going through my head about you.
  16. I am not sorry for this, I'm not sorry for a lot of who I am, I have to accept me and surround myself with people who are willing to accept that sometimes I'm just a shit head
  17. I can't eat avocados or olives, or anything with a pit for that matter.
  18. I just learned this which means I forget it weekly and eat something bad
  19. When I do this it hurts like a motherfucker and I wonder how I could forget. I forget again an hour later
  20. I can not cut chocolate from my life. I actually must consume at least one bite of chocolate a day or I might combust
  21. I hate plain water. Which is why giving up flavored water for lent has led me to drink massive amounts of tea
  22. All that caffeine does not make me any less tired
  23. My newborn sleeps more then my 2 year old. I don't understand this
  24. I really want to be funny but, I think I was born more dorky then funny
  25. The sunshine makes my dork level increase by about 400%
  26. I really want to have youtube video that is popular simply because of how geeky I am
  27. I'm not very smart, I finally made a couple new female friends and they live so far that I can't even afford to go visit them. Emery, Patty, Jen I'm talking to you. Please kindly move to Nevada mmmkay!
  28. I almost always look at the clock at 10:29 which is my birthday.
  29. I feel like a geek noticing this
  30. I am very uncomfortable around people who aren't one of the six closest people in my life, Lisa, Ginger, Katie, my husband and my mom and dad
  31. I am far more comfortable around men then women. That means I'd rather have my husbands friends over then most of my own.
  32. I want to play the drums sooooo bad
  33. I do play a mean set of air drums though
  34. I air drum the most to Offspring
  35. Offspring is my favorite band, I think some people think less of me for this
  36. I can only write in blue pen
  37. I prefer real pencils to mechanical pencils
  38. I get attached to objects meaning I get very angry if I find my pen on your desk and I didn't leave it there
  39. That means when my thieving husband steals waitresses pens because they "write nice" I give him hell every single time
  40. I have a phobia of restaurant glasses they oog me out
  41. Often I have a phobia of all plates and silverware too, as bad as it is for the environment I would rather use paper and plastic so I know that my germs are the only germs on them
  42. I STILL can not eat cereal since Ginger told me about the bugs in cereal. Even though I realize there is bugs in other food I have formed a mental roadblock for cereal and can not eat it
  43. I crave cereal every day
  44. If I was on Fear Factor and they offered me a million dollars to eat fish, totally normal cooked fish, I think I would go about happily being broke instead of eating fish!
  45. I like to pop my hips, like people pop their knuckles
  46. I don't paint my nails it looks weird when I see polish on my hands, I end up peeling it off
  47. My three month old just pooped on me
  48. I changed clothes and I still smell poop
  49. I like the way newborn poop smells
  50. Since I'm nursing Codi and I have the same scent of farts. I think this is funny
  51. I haven't told anyone that because I'm pretty sure you all think I've lost my mind now
  52. Curiosity gets the better of me an I have to look before I can flush
  53. The sound of bathroom fans makes me insane
  54. I hate cans that aren't built to stack with the bottom smaller then the top I always get mad and then refuse to stack those
  55. I use cloth bags at the grocery store
  56. I forget them 1 out of 5 shopping trips
  57. I now have so many paper bags I don't know where to store them
  58. I have never beat Mario one or three
  59. Those are the only games I've played mostly
  60. When I'm sick I don't like to drink water, it makes me throw up
  61. I drink milk with ice cream
  62. I drink milk with spaghetti
  63. I will not drink whole milk
  64. But I will put it in my oatmeal
  65. I always remember not to cuss when my kids AREN'T there
  66. When I was little my grandma taught me to walk in a straight line and cross my ankles like a lady
  67. Because I walked in a straight line guys used to say I shook my ass
  68. So did girls
  69. Girls hated me in school for all the wrong reasons
  70. They didn't even know about the actual reasons they should have hated me
  71. People reaquaint with me now and tell me that I am much nicer then they ever thought I would have been, they were too afraid to give me a chance before
  72. I love my eyes
  73. I think it is important to know how to smile for a picture
  74. Both my husband and I can do a perfect picture smile at any notice
  75. I think this is because we both had braces and we really earned that smile
  76. I made my dentist take my braces off early because I refused to start school with braces
  77. Kissing boys with rubber bands in your mouth is nearly impossible
  78. So is kissing your boyfriend right after having your wisdom teeth pulled
  79. I think mine were defective because I didn't have wisdom even before they pulled them out
  80. I write notes on my calender
  81. I lose them every time
  82. I am dying to see a picture of val and swistle
  83. My favorite sandwich consists of fresh white wonder bread, mayo and plastic cheese.
  84. I used to love hot dogs and bologna in my eggs
  85. I used to love eggs
  86. Now I only eat them hard boiled
  87. Or in cake
  88. Cake is good
  89. I prefer chocolate cake
  90. Do you have any cake?
  91. I can't bake for shit
  92. I can cook anything savory but baking cakes and cookies, thats a laugh
  93. I don't mind eating cookies
  94. Do you have any cookies?
  95. Girl scout cookies are my favorite
  96. I have heartburn
  97. My rolaids are too far away
  98. I wish I could be a better mom
  99. I wish I wasn't crazy
  100. Someday my goal is to accept me for me and have the rest of the world accept me too

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