All good things must come to an end

Dear Easter,

I regret to inform you, I must break up with you. While you have always been my favorite holiday I feel its time to terminate our relationship. I loved you dearly for 26 years. You were the holiday that smelled the best. You always came with flowers and tasty eggs. You provided me years of fun and enjoyment. However, it just can't go on. And, it's not me, its you. Yes, it's you. It is all your fault. You brought this on yourself. Year after year you do this to me. You convince me to cheat on my diet, and enjoy your many delicious candies. You with your sexy purple packaging. You with your clever once a year only marketing. You had to know this was coming. You had to know sooner or later my diet would win out and I would have to ask you to leave, move on from my life forever. What's that, you don't understand why I need to leave you, here let me refresh your memory.


(Editors note, this package was savagely ripped into torn when it was purchased, the owner of this package makes no omissions to consuming any of the contents, ant would like to further state that if any candies were consumed it was because they jumped right into her mouth all on their own, they were not shoveled in by the handful placed there with her consent.)

Well isn't he clever

MAMA TUM ERE (Mama come here)
Hey, mama where my bunny go? (where my money go)
So I look around, and see no money, check his pockets and then turn around. Hmmmmm

See that first stool? Then he went and got his second stool, put it on his dresser, and can you see where this is going?

See up there on the bookshelf where his piddy bank is. Yeah that is where his bunny (money) went. He put his bunny (money) in his piddy bank all on his own!

Theme song