Yeah I'm weird I know

Sometimes while sitting here reading blogs I get bored. So I do the only logical thing I can think of. I start poking my fat. You do that right? Anyway lately, I've gotten bored simply poking my fat and now have moved on to making shapes in my fat!

My favorite, is grabbing the fat right around my belly button and squeezing it to make what I call a skin fat donut.

Don't you want a donut now?

Is it possible the slut could win again

Coffee Slut said...

hmmm, I'm gonna say 3.

SHE IS CORRECT! Rachel also guessed 3 and since I have two bags of candy I'll let you both win!
So send me your addresses wilddreemer@yahoo.com and I will mail off your candy!

Oh, what have I pierced?

Belly button (3 separate times because of surgeries)
Nipples! (hahahah Rachel, I used to have them pierced but took em out after ripping one out while brushing my hair!)

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