He tells me not to post the nice but it was just so cute

So this weekend Rob was being kind of pissy and short. It wasn't stretching to say that he was on his man period this weekend. By Sunday morning I was ready to kill him with his attitude. Around 10:00 we had to go pick up my car from the window tinting place which meant I had to ride in the car with him. Seconds before we get in the car he gets all short with me again. I got super cranky back and started pretty much ignoring him. He finally asks whats wrong and I told him that he had been being a total shit head a few times this weekend. So I turn away from him and look at the window and all the sudden I hear.

He he it was the cutest thing I've ever heard him do. I look over and hes got his bottom lip out and has this sad sorry little face on. I just busted out laughing. it was very funny. I loved it. For the rest of the day everything was okay and he got off his period. I'm glad he was a butthead this weekend though or he never would have had a chance to play me the song.

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