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Summing up my life

A couple things I forgot

Yesterday after Brandon got his presents he was playing with his remote control tarantula outside. Somehow he turned it around so it chased him and ran into his foot. He totally flipped out and started screaming. He went to run but the spider kept chasing him because he wouldn't take his finger off the button. That was funny. However.
Later while in the house Rob wanted to play with the remote to the spider and Brandon wouldn't let him. Finally Rob asked Brandon to turn on the TV to distract him. However when Brandon walked to the TV Rob turned the spider on and chased Brandon. The result of that...Just look below!

Oh yeah, super duper melt down and ugly cry. Notice dad is laughing and smiling NOT being sympathetic!

Thing two. Last week Brandons hair was getting really long. I mentioned to my mom I wanted to get it cut. That weekend they were watching Brandon and when they brought him home they had gotten his hair cut. I was pretty confused because the cut needed some work and I knew the place they normally took him did a good job. I commented something about it and my dad commented back about where they took him. The next morning after talking to Rob we decided that the hair had to get fixed. I kept asking my mom where she took him so we could go back and have them fix it. She was kind of avoiding answering me. Finally I asked Brandon who cut his hair. He replied, "mramaw did it mramaw did it." I was like soooo mom, Brandon says you cut his hair. She started laughing and was like, shit I'm caught. Seems I had misunderstood my dad. He didn't actually say they took him somewhere he just said that place was expensive which made me think they had been there. We asked Brandon more about it and he let us know grandma did it, she used scissors and he stood on the stool.

We all had a pretty good laugh about it because one thing I always said is that Brandon couldn't go to school until I could ask him things and get accurate responses. And while his responses aren't always totally right at least I know he will answer me when I ask him stuff and it's up to me to believe him or not.

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