Humor is:

* Trying on a bathing suit, with no tan AND THEN LOOKING IN THE MIRROR (This also falls under the horror category)

* Getting all the way to California nd then realizing your husband packed everything in the pile but your purse, which was on the very top of the pile.

* Figuring out you forgot your Moby and stroller so you had no way to walk to the park

* Having to drive to 3 parks before finding one that wasn't: buried under water, scalding hot metal slides or full of splinters.

* Going to the freezer in the garage for a normal sensible portion of girl scout cookies and then going back in the garage because you realized you just CAN NOT leave one cookie in the package, making your sensible portion, less then sensible.

* Going back to the freezer hours later and opening a new bag of cookies, eating 4 and THEN thinking, oh shit, this might be why the bathing suit thing earlier was horrific.

*Going all the way to California to see family you haven't seen in 4 months only to have your camera die and realizing the only picture you have of the entire trip is before you even left Reno

* The fact that I wore a dress on Monday because it was so nice out and that this morning it was fucking snowing.

* That I'm still thinking of cookies, while looking at bathing suits on line. It seems I never learn.

* The fact that I'm actually pretty angry at my husband for not buying me organic apples.

* Having to eat non organic apples for lunch and realizing they are so shitty they actually taste like celery, and spending the whole meal angry at your shitty shitty apples

* The fact that it is possible that one person in this world could not know I ONLY EAT ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGGIES

* That I'm now watching Alton Brown cook pie, and I'm thinking to myself, how much worse can chocolate cream pie from Marie Calanders be any worse then those fifteen five cookies I ate.

* The fact that I just went to pee, and I actually stopped to make sure no one was around because I am still embarrassed for my husband to hear me potty

* The fact that mid pee he came walking by and I sat there trying to hold in the pee and make it stop so he wouldn't hear

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