Tell me your best story

So. Back in school I wasn't always the brainiest of the bunch. This meant that there were more then a few times in school I might have gotten some failure notices in the mail. And since I'm 26 now, and have kids, and out of the house I think it's safe to tell this story with out my mom grounding me.

Back around 8th grade I knew I was going to get an academic warning notice. I knew it was going to have a lot of the grade that is the same as the first letter in my favorite 4 letter cuss word (for those of you who are dense thats an F for FUCK). I went to Gingers the weekend I knew it was coming. We some how got to my house and got it out of the mail. We then went to her house to throw it away. Only I was still worried. What if her mom dropped something in the trash, went to retrieve it and saw the failure notice. So we got a better idea. We were going to burn the fucker.

We put it in a coffee tin, lit it on fire and said good bye. Only, I freaked out again. What if her mom saw the ashes in the trash and wondered why we were burning shit. Soooo I came up with the final brilliant plan. We were going to send that bitch down the river behind her house. Down the river it went never to be seen again. But can I tell you how long I worried that somehow my mom would go near that river and see the can and open it up and find the burned paper and magically know it was mine because of some kind of wizard powers? A LONG FUCKING TIME!

So, now it's your turn, tell me your best get out of trouble lie. Or even just one of the best lies you ever told your parents that they still don't know about.

Top Chef Talk

First lets talk about my gripes with the show. I'm really really sick of these group or partner challenges. How in the fuck are these people supposed to shine if they are just arguing and fighting with other people. No matter what in a group not everyone is going to get their way, and it feels like the person who has the great idea, but doesn't get their way always gets shit on. I really think they should have more individual challenges so the judges can really see who is cooking and who is just a whiney bossy annoying fucking bitch.

Enter my next gripe. Can someone tell me why in the fuck Lisa is still on this show. She is a mean, rude, dirty bitch. She needs to wash her fucking hair, get an attitude check and step up. I think she should have gone home numerous times, and I also don't understand why she hasn't been punched yet.

On that note how is Nikki still there? What has she done so far? Seriously standing around, and looking overly done up and anorexic doesn't count as cooking. I haven't seen her do anything worthy of still being there yet. I can't believe she got to stay after the week with the nasty mushrooms and cheese incident. I can't believe she got to stay this week. I don't like her.

I'm livid they kicked Jennifer off. I actually really liked her a lot. I think she had some good ideas and made some decent food. I think if anything she should have lasted longer then Nikki or Lisa.

I really like Dale. I think he does some great stuff. I would love for him to win. I also think Richard is a good cook, but I just don't like him. I kind of think it might be him and Dale at the end and I hope he gets shut down. I think he is just pouty and cocky and he acts like a sore loser. He is just way to full of himself.

I really wish the show would do some more individual challenges. I much more prefer to see what each chef can do rather then seeing what they do in a group and having one person end up safe just because there was a better chef on their team. I think it is a lousy set up.

As for the remaining women on the show, I don't like any of them, I'm hoping a man wins...Just not Richard.

Spring Cleaning

So I'm spring cleaning. Meaning out with the old books, and time to buy new books. I want to sell all of my books in one lot. I can't find a stupid book store here who buys books. Do you guys know anyone who buys books? I'm asking $60.00 for 34 books. Yes a couple are older but the rest were purchased in the last year, and they are all in mint condition, and look brand new.

Look I even cook healthy food, not always slathered in cheese and butter

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