Mamas got a brand new toy

Isn't it beautiful
It's gorgeous isn't it

Do you see it close up?

NOW do you see what it is?

This new Canon Digital Rebel XTi sure does take some great pictures of my pimples huh? Look you can see every one of my eyebrow hairs. If I primped and stuff this would be a clear sign that mama needs a brow wax. I also need a shower, an some chapstick. Gosh. I will not be focusing any more photos this close on me!

A pretty lame attempt at funny

One of my most favorite blogs to read would be Val. She is um, everything I think I would have turned out to be had I not, gotten married and had kids. Oh yeah, and if I was BRAVE! As a little aside to Val, I just recently (read with in the month) realized Val was short for Valley Girl and not just some old lady pseudo name you chose for your self. I'm a quick one, I am!

Anywho she recently wrote this post about people stealing her ideas and what not. I did immediately did what I think every other blogger did and said, "oh no is it me she is mad at?"

But then I stepped back in reality and realized even if I wanted I couldn't pretend to steal even a shred of her glamorous life. However, I could totally rip her off in a less funny, kind of sad way, which is just what I intend to do (I'm gonna tell her ya'll gosh).

My current favorite post of Val's is this one. I giggle like a school girl every time I read it, err, look at it. This explains it a little better. (Val, I'm trying to back link like you do just for this one post and it's driving me fucking bonkers, I now have a new found respect for every goddamn link you post in your blogs)!

So, in honor of Val, I present to you all, my version of THE MECHANICS. Here is how the current three some in my house goes!

Also, I'm not near as fancy as ya'll with your photoshop doohicky, so I drew this in Microsoft Word, then made a screen shot (that Lee reminds me how to do daily), put it in my iphoto and cropped it. Look at me go.

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