I'm leaving on a jet plane

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go

Playing a quick game of hide and seek with Brandon. We were hiding from dad.

And here you go, the post that started it all. The post that Jen read that made her contact me. Here is the post that made us become friends. So, I owe it all to this blog and this post that I am flying to Oregon tomorrow.

On another note, ya'll remember, if anything happens to me, you tell Brandon how much I love him. You make sure he reads his personal blog and you all give him a big kiss for me!

Also, maybe someone could remind my husband, just how much I love him to, if anything happens to me. Also, remind him he can't get married till Brandon is about 9 and old enough to remember me. Also remind him I am going to haunt him, so please, still don't fart in bed!

And then tell my parents that if anything happens, I will haunt them too, and the way they will know, I'll rearrange all my dads tools, and mess with all my moms wizard guys! Oh and remind them I love them also, and I am so thankful for all they do.

Okay must go get beauty rest now, I have 0ad beauty competition with Jen tomorrow, she's hawt ya'll, she even got herself a new hurrcut!

(No clue why I just started talking like the rapper Nelly)

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