Back in Black

(I'm going to post pictures in segments so they will all be out of order and what not, here is your first lot of pictures)

Here I am sitting at the air port getting ready to go see Jen. We got on the plane and flew over. Upon looking out my window in Oregon I discovered IT'S GREEN! I took pictures but they don't do justice to the green ness I saw! I got off the plane walked the 5 miles to baggage claim and suddenly saw Jen running towards me. I can sense a hug from a mile a way and this girl was going to hug me. I announced quickly, "it's okay you can hug me," and then we giggled because I had just said that. We headed out to the parking garage and rode the elevator to the wrong floor. I made some kind of joke about I was going to blog about this, how we were only together a few seconds and already having troubles (little did I know). We get to her car and I grab the car seat out of the bag and pull it out of the base. Umm I said, PULL IT OUT OF THE BASE!!! Note to car seat, thats your cue to come out of the base.

(Insert Shannon and Jen scratching our heads here)

So we look at each other, look at the car seat and do the only logical thing, we pull harder. Nope. Doesn't budge. Okay well how about if I hold it this way and you pull. Nothing. This is the point where I eloquently say, "Jen i'm going to start cussing now, and I know you don't cuss," this is the same time Jen was like, "Duh, yeah I do cuss loser gosh, I just pretend not to cuss on my blog."

Right about now I'm getting mad. I look at Jen and inform her that I'm going to throw this fucking bitch on the pavement. So I do. I threw it, we dropped it, we jiggled it and wiggled it and yelled at it, telling it what a dirty little whore it was being. Then we packed back up walked inside and begged Southwest to help us. Southwest guy who will hereunto be called Wussy boy acted like an idiot who had no clue what to do and said, hmm gee maybe uh, umm, I'm a moron and I can't help you.

So we walked out by baggage claim and I started throwing it around more. Some really nice guy came over and said he had the same car seat so he would help. He tinkered with it, pulled and tugged and then he broke it even worse.

Finally we had to call Jens sister, have her bring us Jens car seat, leaving Jens baby with her husband. We loaded Codi in Coles car seat drove the Jens and ate. Then we had to fucking drive to Babies R Us and buy a goddamn fucking car seat. While we were doing that her husband was taking a crow bar to the car seat. IT STILL DIDN'T BUDGE.

Observe the bitch whore car seat. I will be calling Graco today to complain.
After the car seat situation I was able to make my first observance of Oregon.

Lots of hippies smells like Pachoulli.

I later revised it to lots of hippies, smells like pachoilli, and smells like tasty flowers. Everywhere I looked there were gorgeous flowers.

The boys got along great! Codi spent a lot of time being a bully and poking Cole in the eye.

Jen and her husband took me to Bread and Ink Cafe for breakfast on Saturday. I got VEGETARIAN biscuits and gravy with a scone. I took a bite of each and at that exact moment I knew I wanted to move to Oregon and live inside of this restaurant! I do not lie when I say this was the best food I've ever tasted in my life.

Biscuits & Gravy – Fresh black pepper biscuit smothered with herb gravy (choice of Sausage Gravy or Vegetarian), topped with Italian sausage and cheddar cheese. Served very hot with two eggs any style.

We also ate at Hedge House, and Pix. Pix sold nothing but desert and coffee. I got the following two deserts.
The Pixie Pistachios, almond paste, and raspberry jam are the main ingredients making up this layered concoction people can’t seem to get enough of. One woman replied after her first taste, “Oh! This makes me wanna dance!” Enough said. (This was only two bites big not as huge as it appears)
Queen of Sheba Truffle Cake

Moist chocolate almond cake with bittersweet chocolate center. Warm slightly for molten chocolate center.

Saturday morning we went to the farmers market and bought a shit ton of fresh veggies, potatoes, asparagus, shallots, lettuce, bread, cheese, strawberries, and sugar snap peas. We also went to buy some green onions but were informed they were some fancy version of garlic. This was a real farmers market. It had everything there. I now hate Reno's wannabe version.

That night Jens husband took all of our findings and created a dinner for us. Roasted potatoes with shallots, asparagus in balsamic. Then he laid out the lettuce, and all the individual components of it to as a snack/salad bar, with bread, olive oil and vinegar. I didn't feel fat or anything after that. To finish off we had cupcakes which I will post about later.
By far my favorite part of the trip was when I met Lindsey. My first impression of Lindsey is, she is short like me and super fucking skinny. I was excited about the short part because tall people make me nervous and I always thought Lindsey was way tall. However, the reason this was my favorite part, is the following picture. Let me first remind you, LINDSEY IS A TEACHER she is supposed to be good with kids. Which is why, this is so fucking hilarious...This is what happened when we left Lindsey in the room alone with the two kids for about 4 seconds...

Isn't it awesome? The kids were both tired, ready for bed and pissed right off when she even looked at them. However they finally fell asleep and we posed them with Lindsey for vindication so she could show everyone that babies really don't hate her (even if they were sleeping)

One is mine, one is hers.

I had a really great time. I'll write more about it during the week. Ulitmatly when I went there, I suddenly felt like I was home. If I could talk my mom and dad into moving there I would go in an instant, everything about it felt right especially all the hippies, pachoulli and flowers!

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