I have this stupid little diddy of a song stuck in my head. It's a song all about cake on the show Lazytown. I won't do the whole Boinga thing to you guys though and play it for it to get stuck in your head.

I'm going through some stuff right now. And when I know all the concrete details I'll share it with you guys. It's pretty bit, and I don't want to be the sort of blogger who makes huge decisions with out telling ya'll.

But crap. Now I'm that blogger who told you I had a big decision and then just let you hanging out like some clean sheets. Only, after reading my posts you probably feel more like dirty sheets then clean sheets.

Can I just say that it is so frustrating you can't just think of something you want or need and have it magically created! There have been so many times while doing this mom thing, I've thought, "dammit, if only someone would invent this!" Now, Codi is pulling up to standing and if I left him alone to his own devices he could easily just climb right out of his bassinet. This leaves me sitting there annoyed because there isn't a perfect transition to solve this. On that same note I'm bothered there isn't a nice wooden bassinet the same shape as a travel light crib that would adjust for age. Why is it I could only get a teeny wooden rocking bassinet that would only last till he could roll, a stupid uncomfortable pack n play, or a crib that is too big to go by my bed. HOW HAS THIS NOT BEEN CREATED YET PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Codi is crawling and pulling up and doing all these great things and all I think is, NOOOOO my last little baby is growing up way to fast." I'm also thinking, "dude, stop hurting yourself," as he flops over on the hardwood or crawls into yet another corner.

Brandon is currently going through a phase I like to call seeing how far he can push my buttons, while seeing just how brave he is, mixed with some NO NO NO IT'S MINE, and a large dolip of FUCK YOU WOMAN I REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING YOU WANT ME TO, and instead will do exactly what he wants, when he wanrs and how he wants.

It's been real fun around here! Really they have been great. Honest, it's not like I've dreamt of shoving Brandon in the fridge over night in hopes of chilling his little attitude out.

And then just when he knows he's gone to far I hear a little, "I lub you mom, I lub you Codi." I look over just in time to see a smile that screams I'm just fooling you but your too stupid to know lady.

At this exact moment Brandon is whining for attention because Codi just woke up. 30 Second before that Brandon wanted me as far away as possible. I pick up Codi and suddenly it's all "hold me hold me, pay attention to me." His attempt at attention includes laying square on top of Codi saying "he likes it mom."

All I'm wondering is FUCK is there ever just a moment of Goddamn silence EVER!

Be back need to go make 5 cups of coffee in hopes of waking up. Probably have to put ice in it since it is 83 in my house and I'm to cheap to turn on the A/C this early in the morning.

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