Summer market inspired dining

This weekend I went to the Reno farmers market (On California street for you locals). I browsed around for some dinner items. It was opening day so the selection was limited since most stuff isn't all the way in season. I came home with, fresh spinach pasta, a roasted bell pepper sauce, fresh caught halibut, white corn, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and salsa. Tonight I decided to make a meal that was inspired by my purchases. The only items I purchased at the store were asparagus, garlic and Parmesan. I made this great dinner, and had fresh berries for desert and all of it supported local farmers, and was great quality. I plan to visit the farmers markets around town every Saturday, so expect more great meals like this. Both recipes will follow this post. Enjoy. And remember, sometimes you have to let the produce that is available decide what you eat. It can be more fun and exciting that way. I had never cooked halibut before and I could have easily gone to a store and bought salmon or some other fist I was familiar with but this is what the fish guy was offering so I thought why not. I hope my ideas inspire you to visit your local market and create some magic in your own kitchen.

(The rosemary and lemon thyme were grown in my own garden, but still, they weren't purchased at a store)

(There will be a much broader selection to come, citrus, fruits, garlics, lettuces and a wide array of veggies, lets get creative people).


The first pic is a little over a month ago. I don't actually see much difference aside from the whole I'M WEARING SHORTS THING! Also, I'm down a size. I started this diet a size 18. I moved down slowly and a month ago when that last photo was taken I was able to comfortably fit into a size 14 at American Eagle and mush myself into some size 12s. This weekend I went and tried on clothes and I fit comfortably into a size 12 and could mush into some 10's. I'm on my way people. Anyway here is me about a size 14
I realize the shirt is not even kind of flattering at this angle but it is sooo cute from the front. So here I am in my size 12's.

Also just for kicks, I seriously need a hair cut eh?

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