Hungry for some fresh farmers market food

Pre-schools not so bad

My son has learned some cute stuff. Some of them being, a distorted version of the ABC song, how to glue marshmallows to paper and, how to eat more then macaroni and cheese.


My favorite thing he has learned so far.....

"MOM!! You my best friend"

I'm sorry I can't type anymore as I've just died from joy overload.

Then we went out and looked at his vegetables and they were big so he said;
"Look my begtables big, HOLY MOLY COW THEY BIG BEGTABLES!"


Prickly situation

Last night I was playing in the grass with Codi. He was barefoot and he was having none of it. It was hilarious. He would lift one hand then try and crawl but not want to put his foot down so then he would lift that leg, leaving him balancing on one hand and one foot of tippy toes. Funny funny shit. The best part though was when he decided to crawl up onto my bare legs for refuge I could see him stop for a moment and wonder if my legs or the grass were more pokey. For a second it seemed he would be suspended in air rather then crawl up on my pokey legs.

Maybe I should shave.

Ehh. Maybe next week.

(Kidding kidding I shaved last night after the grass incident gosh)

Theme song