Let's talk Preschool

About 3 weeks ago I signed Brandon up for preschool. I briefly mentioned it here but I didn't say to much because I wanted to wait a few weeks to see how I really felt about it all.

In the beginning it was hard. They always say it's harder on the parent then the kid but I really think it was hard on both of us. The first week Brandon cried every day at school. He cried the most when he woke up from naps and Rob nor I were there. Then, to crush my heart more he would come home and say, "I cry at school mom, cuz you almost lost me." Thats what he thought. He thought I just lost him and wasn't coming to find him. It killed me and I honestly almost didn't pay for the second week.

Now, he barely gives me a kiss when I drop him off, and is already across the playground with his posse before I can even call out an "I love you". He has friends now and talks excitedly about what he did at school. He loves the TumbleBus and recognizes it every Wednesday when we drive up to the school. He's had two field trips and done countless art projects. I think my favorite part is that he is now eating new foods. He wanted to be like the other kids so he ate like them and now he likes chicken and mashed potatoes, and all kinds of other foods he never wanted before. He has friends (they are the bad gang) and they play together each day. He loves his teacher and talks about her every night.

I would have to say my only complaint at all is the sickness. He's already had one really bad cold and today was sent home with pink eye. Ugggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Brandon is getting a gazillion times more smart, and I have to be honest when I say, I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not, because now the little shit can totally outsmart me and totally back talk me!

It is still hard every day and I'm just thankful I picked a school with a video camera so I can watch his nap, or see him play and check in with my own eyeballs and know he is fine.

Demolition Derby

Yesterdays theme was demolition derby and mold discovery.

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