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I'm not entirely sure what I should write here. Lately so many people have been going through financial difficulty. A lot of us bloggers have ads on our page. The best way for us to get paid is for people to click on those ads. The problem is, so many people use feed readers instead of actually clicking the link to their page. Since you do that we don't even get the revenue for a page view let alone the ad clicks. The idea this month is to ask people to click out of their feed readers and click on at least one ad.

Personally I love getting my ad check every month. It is small but its enough money for a half tank of gas or a box of diapers. It's always a relief. I can only imagine how many other moms out there depend on their checks too. So please, this month click out of your feed reader and click on the ads. I'll make it easy, here is my direct link.
You can also click the button below for a list of other blogs who need help with ad revenue. Once you click on their page click around some into their archives. Each page view helps with revenue.

Thanks a million!

Send nose plugs

I just went into our master bathroom to take a pee. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the smell of death. I wadded up a ton of toilet paper, covered my nose and prayed for a gas mask. I finished walked out and looked at Rob and asked "did you just die in the bathroom?"

He replied with a blank "I didn't do anything" face and then adked if I as ted to ride with him to get a breafast burrito.

A burrito with beans.


Who wants to be stuck at home with me and the death ass today?

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