Tiddly bits!

If you want to read more about my cousin running away, GO HERE!

Next! I've mentioned a few times that my husband has a hot sauce habit. I've always wanted to capture this on film but never had the chance. Now that I have my handy iPhone that takes such great pictures I was finally able to snap a picture.

Presenting to you, my husbands Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell and his 9580847808 sauces (and his middle finger).

Would you even believe there was a pizza under there? 7 years I've been with this guy and it still makes me giggle every damn time.

I bought new couches today. Well okay used ones from Craigslist. They are from Macys, down cushions with beautiful slip covers. Only one problem, the guy who owned them smoked. Not a little smoke A LOT OF SMOKE. We are having the couch base steam cleaned by the carpet guy and the coveres dry cleaned and we are going to see if they can dry clean the cushions. However I'm sure there will still be some lingering smell. SO! Bloggy world who has the best suggestion for covering that smell until they air out enough.

Also the couches are white. We want to have them dyed. Do you have any idea who dyes slip covers? Do you call upholstery people or dry cleaners or who??????

In other news because of the piece of shit robbers breaking the glass in my room and the cops and people walking all over my clothes it was decided they all needed to be washed. Plus I needed to wash my sheets, Codi's, Brandon's and the spare beds sheets and blankets also. Plus all the towels were due and some other random things. Finally I gave up and said we are going to the laundry mat. My mom came with me and so did Ginger. Ya'll my mom is a laundry mat maven. She was commandeering those washers like nobody's business. She had shit in the dryer before Ginger and I could even say fabric softener. This meant we had a lot of clothes to fold too which meant Ginger had a lot of time to watch the kids.

Shockingly she did not even lose any (see above link)!!!!

We have been staying at my mom and dads through all this and there are some things that drive me nuts. My mom has no spoons. Seriously she has like one. Well one normal spoon and then 15 loooooong ice cream type teaspoons (you know the milkshake ones). It makes me insane I love spoons. They are my favorite utensil. Spoons for coffee, and cereal, and soup and ICE CREAM! The other thing making me crazy is I HAVE NO CLOTHES. As I mentioned all my shit had to be washed. The stuff that wasn't trashed in the breakin was tiny skirts, or pants that were too big or too small and all of my long sleeve shirts. I grabbed some stuff the first night and then everything else was packed. Soo since last Monday I've lived with one pair of sweats, a pair of jammie pants, a pair of yoga pants, a pair of jeans, one pair of socks, 3 undies, 1 bra and finally two shirts. One dressy white one that I keep getting dirty and one normal tank top. Ya'll I need more clothes.

I'm mega embarressed to admit my love for America's Next Top Model. This means I have to admit how devistated I am that I wasn't able to watch last weeks big make over show. Uggg! Someone tell me just how good it was.

I'm thrilled Dan won Big Brother also. Thrilled. I love that he played so well and won.

The song playing on my blog is from a cd my mom gave me when I moved out. I love it, and it reminds me of all the chaos in my life now. You will notice I don't play a lot of new stuff on my blog. I do like new music but honestly I prefer the older stuff. I love my moms music and I love a lot of the music from middle school and back in the day. Seriously I love to rock out to some Offspring! I haven't posted it yet simpy because I worry it might be a little loud for those of you opening my bog at work.

I haven't been blogging much because things are pretty crazy here but I didn't want to stay MIA for too long. SO. There you have it, a few things in my life from the week. Later skaters!


Things are fucking crazy lately. With the break in, the attempted move, and fucking 15 year old kids running away! I will take some pics of the house tonight so you can see the progress we have made. The way it's looking we can possibly move in by this weekend, but I won't hold my breath since we are now dealing with the above mentioned 15 year olds bullshit!

My neighbor lady is really nice and very crafty and has agreed to do both the boys rooms for me. Brandons room will have a full wall shelf with old fishing paraphernalia on it. Thing old rods and reals, nets, tackle boxes and so on. Also a shadow box with different fishing lures. Codi's room will follow his same antique truck and star routine. She is creating some giant light up star night light thingy to go above his crib with nothing but plywood and Christmas lights.

We just purchased some awesome used slip cover couches for the main living room off Craigslist. Our game room is going for a FULL OF BOXES, NO GAMES BECAUSE THEY ALL GOT STOLEN kind of look. It's all the rage.

Heard from insurance today. He was putting in our claim and would get back to me midweek on what, if anything would be reimburresed and refunded and so on. I love waiting. Haven't balanced my checkbook in over a week because it's all so chaotic right now.


I'll post pics tonight if my brain remembers!

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