So I promised I would show you some of my recent house finds.

This is my fake plant. I hate fake plants. I find them weird. However when we went to get my couch the guy selling it handed me this plant. Not knowing what to do I took it. Later I stuck it in my living room to balance a wall until I knew what else to do. However after about an hour I decided I LOVED THIS PLANT! I can't even begin to describe how perfect this plant looks! Plus it was free and I CAN'T KILL IT!

My mom found this little table at a garage sale (I think). It used to live next door to our work but Brandon loved it so much my mom let it move in with us. It hangs out in the living room now next to our couch giving Brandon a little area to play, color, and watch TV.

My mom got this little table for the boys at Christmas. She found it at an antique store and it is the absolute perfect size for Brandon. I put it in the dining room as a "kids table." The truth is, my kids sit at the table with me but it was so cute I didn't want to get rid of it after the red table moved in on its spot.

I got my fork and spoon from one of the other houses on the land where I live. They were all family owned and only the original owners lived in them. When the last of the original owners moved out she left us quite a mess. I scored these a few years ago knowing someday I would have a dining room for them. I have a nice place for them now and I love them. Below that is my new table runner I scored at TJ Maxx on clearance for $7.00.

They sell this sign at a little boutique here for $59.99 I found it at TJ Maxx for $12.99 last year.

This is my little bowl from World Market. I paid $9.99 for it which seems pricey but it is bamboo. I used it to replace the nasty old bowl I had my rocks in. Isn't it pretty.

This lamp I got for free! I mentioned to my mom that I wanted a lamp so she walked next door and grabbed the one off her desk that just happened to match the other one I had PERFECTLY! I also got the table for free. It was left here by the old owners. I love this stupid table.

I got this little stool thing from couch guy also. ALSO FOR FREE! (along with the coffee table in Rob's room). I stuck this in the laundry/mud room for Rob to put his shoes on when he gets ready in the morning.

I took photos of Rob's room all done too. I'll post those up in the morning. His room is pretty fucking rad if I do say so myself. Every man needs their own room!

Makes you wonder

Did I ever tell you that once upon a time my husband was a post man? Well he was. Back in the day he was a post man. Funny shorts and hat included. He told me once that when he was delivering mail he used to stop at his girlfriends house for "lunch." You know, lunch in bed. Ever since he told me that I've looked at my postmen differently. The guy at my old house always had a little spring in his step and I couldn't help but wonder, is that because he just came from his lovers house, or is it because he's about to stop and have "lunch" somewhere near by.

Now my husband works somewhere that has drivers and he tells me how some of his guys go home and take naps during their routes. I was totally stunned. That never occurred to me. So now of course I look at all my employees and wonder if they are secretly napping somewhere.

That reminds me of the time I pulled into one of my local favorite eateries to find one of my guys parked in back NAPPING in his truck.

Do you guys have any secret things you do at work? Like the girl in my office who ALWAYS uses our stamps to mail her bills. Or the person at my husbands work who uses the laminating machine for non work related things.

What kinds of sneaky things do you do at work? Nap, have "lunch," borrow office supplies?

And also, have any of you had "lunch" at the work place, like on premises? I have once but not at my own work place, at my boyfriends work place. And it was fucking cold!

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