A few weeks ago I discovered this great marinated pork at the store. I added a few things, kicked it up some and came up with this recipe.
Click here for the full recipe.

So earlier in the week my cousin Angie mentioned she made stuffed bell peppers. That reminded me that I had some sausage left to use up before the week was over and bell peppers are a super cheap meal. I added the ingredients to the list and it turned out all I needed for this whole meal was mushrooms and bell peppers. I actually had everything else. Want the recipe?
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So I got pissed and attempted to capture him walking with my built in iSight. No it's not the greatest quality and yes THOSE ARE MY BOOBS! But dude NO TIME FOR SHIRT PRESHUS BABY WALKING!!!!!!!!!

Codi walking from wilddreemer on Vimeo.


I just spent a ton of time filming footage of Codi walking all over the house. However my goddamn new Mac only has the fancy new fire wire while my computer uses the old one. I need to get some kind of converter mabob to make it work. In the mean time I went to the store tonight and guess how much I spent.....

This will last me all the way until NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!
Every single meal!

Meet Dylan!

So! There is nothing like having your friend Katie bring her teeeeeny tinnnny little baby over to realize your kids are now so old they are practically off to college.

Codi was OBSESSED with Dylan (he always is). Only this time he could not stop kissing him. I thought it was just the sweetest thing ever watching him lean over and kiss the little guy. However, Codi hasn't quite learned the pucker so he actually open mouth kisses, which means a few times it totally looked like he was trying to suck on Dylans nose!

Brandon also wanted to kiss the wittle baby. He did a lot of showing off for the little guy and a lot of cuddling too!

I am pretty sure this is the cutest thing ever. I on the other hand promise that while Katie went to shower (we were dying her hair), that I did not wrap the baby up in the Moby and squish and kiss him and make faces at my husband that made him say WE ARE NOT HAVING ANOTHER ONE. I was totally calm and disconnected and I didn't hog the baby at all or anything.

Codi enjoyed poking Dylan in the face to make sure he was still there and NOT sleeping. Since his poking didn't work he finally gave up and just SAT right on top of Dylan! Sigh.

He then wondered if he could get in there with the baby...


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