Fucking Mathers

So as my sweet little Crissy MARIE (I know your middle name) Mathers mentioned yesterday we have developed a little pen pal relationship. It all started when I was pregnant with Codi and she sent me the most thoughtful package with a great little diaper clutch for Codi, chocolate for me and some coloring stuff for Brandon. I returned the favor sending her home baked goodies and from then on we have had a little mail relationship. She usually sends chocolate at just the right time. I returned the favor with some funky trinkets from a favorite store. However this time shes totally in trouble. Shes been harrassing me to read this book for a while now. I have made fun of her proclaiming I had no interest in Vampires. So, taking matters in her own hands I walked out to my doorstep yesterday to find that a certain Miss Mathers had sent me the book. Leaving me no choice but to read it. I picked it up last night at 5pm thinking I would read a chapter and add it to my stack of books. At 10pm last night I was at chapter ten and willing my eyes to stay open. This morning I was on chapter 15 cursing the fact that I had to go to work. I'm told this is a series of books and now I know exactly what I will be buying with the money I've been stashing away every month from BlogHer ads! So Cris, thank you but also FUCK YOU for getting me TOTALLY HOOKED ON A GODDAMN VAMPIRE BOOK!!!!!!!

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