Codi went to his one year doctor appointment today. Everything was terrific. He's walking, says his three words, does every single thing on the chart that a 12 month old should do, he even does stuff a 15 month old should do.

That is, except...


After talking to the doctor he thinks Codi has a food aversion. He has given me the names of a few speech therapists. I guess some speech therapists work with children who won't eat. He said we will try textures, flavors, colors, methods of feeding and such plus techniques to desensitize him. I've started reading about it and it seems normal, well not normal but not WEIRD. So tomorrow I will call and we will get started. Has anyone else every experienced this? Were you told to see a speech therapist? Did it work?

They also pricked his finger and he looks a little anemic. The doctor said that was kind of a big NO SHITTER since DUH the kid won't eat. He is growing well, his head is nice and fat and he looked healthy and happy so the doctor wasn't overly worried. He said to start him on a vitamin, offer him every single food under the moon and work with the therapist.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank goodness for friends

Last week I went to my mail box and found the prettiest black and white polka dot box ever. Miss Mathers had sent me a care package. While I plan to do an entire post talking about every single item she sent me this post is about one item in particular. As you may have read I was in a bit of a funk last night. The kids wouldn't stop and my nerves were just on edge. I twittered about my need for chocolate. There was none in the house. I found myself in the kitchen staring at one of the things Mathers sent me.

Sweet Cinnamon Spice.

I made some toast sprinkled this on and then died. It was so delicious. So good in fact I don't have a picture of it because I shoveled in my mouth at lightening speed in order to avoid SHARING!

Yes. That is right, I'm a total asshole for the first time ever I didn't want to share with my kids.

Anyway there is a secret ingredient in this stuff that I know but won't tell that makes it so good. In fact I think Miss Mathers should change the name to "Magic Fairey Sweet Pixey Dust Deliciousness."

I suddenly thought OMG I could put this on popcorn or ice cream or in my coffee (which I plan to do tomorrow morning). And while I absolutly won't share my little stash with you I will give you the link so you can go order your own. But. If you do, order enough so you feel safe sharing. Otherwise, you better have a real good hiding spot.'
Order here...beware it's good shit!

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