Oh yeah..the kiss

By the way, the first kiss in the movie, yeah thats going to win some awards. Seriously it was the best movie kiss I've ever seen and I would be lying if I said I didn't catch my self leaning forward wishing he was totally about to kiss me.

Yeah, it was that good.

So really how was the movie---no spoilers

The first thing I can say is, if you hadn't read this book I'm not sure you would love the movie as much as me...well, anyone will love it as soon as they see Edward and his HOTNESS. When I went to the movie I went to it expecting it would be missing things from the book. Hello, that is a big book it would have to be a 4 hour movie to come close to touching it. That is why, when they did miss things, or change them I didn't mind because I was easily able to fill it in, in my head. At the same time there was nothing big missed. All the big good parts where there. It was the smaller conversations, Bella cooking, things like that, that were absent.

When Edward walked onto the screen I shit you not the ENTIRE theater of girls erupted into some unintelligible screams of oos and awws. And dammit, I WAS TOTALLY SCREAMING IN MY HEAD. Everything in the movie was beautiful. The music, the stillness, the motion, the EVERYTHING. Carlisle is hot. James is hot. Emmet is hot. Jacob is hot. Jasper..not so hot but Alice is so cute she makes up for it. I spent most of the entire movie watching Edward love Bella and like my husband and I discussed last night every single boyfriend/husband/lover was totally fucked last night when their girl got home and A: they were not a super swoony vampire and B: They could never ever ever love their girl with the intensity of A VAMPIRE DUH!

The movie was good. I went with someone who hadn't read the book and he really liked it. They stayed very true to everyone in the book.

I came home and checked out Stephanie's website and she said that she will not be finishing Midnight sun. I was pretty sad. Seems she is to angry that it was leaked early. So, I went ahead and read the half that was out, Edwards side, and IT IS BEAUTIFUL. So, I would read it, it is short, it only covers half of book one...but..it makes you love Edward about 3985098098 times more.

Okay. I have to stop typing I need to go collect change and possibly pawn my wedding ring so I can go see this movie again every day for the rest of my life.

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