This is Shannon on alcohol. Not sure I've ever drunk posted before. Hey look at that, I still type pretty well, or, at least spell check makes you think I do. I broke a nail and typing is hard when they aren't all the same fucking length. So, whatever my mom asked me to post what I'm thankful for. Here goes nothing.

1. Kaluaha + Vodka + Half and Half = White Russian, yes am very thankful for 3 of those and a glass of wine, and a cordial of baileys.

2. Thankful that all the right family showed up this year and I enjoyed the most peaceful Thanksgiving of my life (minus the whole KIDS WON'T STOP SCREAMING THING)

3. I'm happy my run away niece got to spend the day with us. I miss her.

4. I'm thankful my parents help me pay for this whole fiasco. I'm thankful for the amazing house they have given me to live in too. Because, if you saw it, it's pretty fucking amazing

5. I'm thankful for carbs

6. I'm thankful that my fresh cranberry sauce was pretty fucking awesome this year

7. I'm thankful for the pie in the oven

8. (And the ice cream in the freezer)

9. I am thankful I've finally learned to surround myself with loving amazing people.

10. I'm thankful I'm able to reacognize that you don't need your entire family to be happy, that you only need the family that "gets you" around.

11. I'm thankful that I'm smart enough to realize that sometimes that family comes in unusual places (Ord)

12. I'm thankful my husband did something special and illegal for me (it involves vampires). He knows how to make me smile and he did it all on his own.

13. I'm thankful for the picture of Edward my mom hung in my closet today...now he can watch me get dressed.

14. I'm thankful for that time late at night when you take of your bra and your boobs drop and you think AHHHHHHH THAT FEELS GOOD

15. I'm thankful for watching my sons jump on my dads belly. Every kid deserves a papa like that. I didn't have one, but my kids sure do!

16. I'm thankful I wasn't to drunk to post about the time my husband got Sani Hut water on his face!

17. Finally I'm thankful for all of my loyal readers. For that small $30.00 BlogHer check I get each month. For the people who comment. The people who email me. The people who found me on Twitter and those of you who know me well enough to know when, well enough is enough!

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