Brandon just came in and asked me to bake cookies. I wasn't feeling like making dough and what not but I wanted to do something. I had a pie crust left over and I remember my mom saying Thursday that she used to sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on hers and bake it. So that is what we did. I melted butter and let Brandon paint it on. Then I let him sprinkle cinnamon and sugar all over it. After that he used cookie cutters and cut out shapes. We used the left overs and rolled it up into a "B". He loved his cookies.

While we were doing that Codi got caught pushing his favorite button on the dishwasher

He thought it was funny that he was caught

So funny that he growled at me, this is his growl face...also I totally needed to fix the settings on my camera, they were set for different lighting. Oops!

Just some pics

This apple is as big as my head

Brandon asked for bone chicken (turkey)

Me and my husband (the werewolf)

Papa put Codi on top of the fridge and he thought it was the best thing ever

It rained the other night so I told him lets go outside and play

Shhhh brover is sweeping

Theme song