Tomorrow, heads are gonna roll

Someone took $150.00 out of my checking account with out my permission. They automatically deducted it from my account. This place deducted it even though they were explicitly told to deactivate any further deductions from my account. The place with the girl who sits at the front desk who said "I just check this box here and no further money will come out." No money came out for two weeks and then the owner of said place illegally checked off the box again and took money from me. Tuesday I will tell you who did it. You will be so shocked and appalled when you hear this story. Tomorrow I will give them 8 hours to put the entire amount back in my account or I will be filing a police report, disputing it on my debit card AND contacting the better business bureau. That is a lot of money to just secretly try and remove from someones account with ZERO notice.

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