I may be a sucker but I'm a sucker who follows through

My kid suckered me into baking cookies tonight by challenging whether or not I even knew how to cook em!



(If you are wondering why he is wearing two different pairs of jammies it is because today was pajama day at school so he actually wore one pair to school, and then one pair after his bath. The cookies had to refrigerate while he took a bath)

This is Curious the Crocodile. It is their class mascot and tonight was Brandon's night to take him home. So far Curious has played games, played trains, watched Brandon take a bath, help bake cookies and taking a flying leap down the stairs.

They turned out so big and fluffy

You must dunk your cookies in some nilk

(Yes papa, we will bring you some cookies to work tomorrow!)


Moxymama said...

The crocodile is a cool idea. I am such a germophobe though that I would be concerned what other kids had done to it in their homes. I know, I'm a cynic.

Cristina Mathers said...

OMG does that croc sing "see ya later alligator?" if so we have it's twin brother, just more proof that E and B are soul mates.

Patty said...

How cute is he! I love how he got you with a challenge. The crocodile is adorable!

Cheeziemommie said...

awww you are such a good mommy! and now I really want some of those cookies!!! and your kitchenaid OMG mine is just a boring white!

Mom said...

Them look like chocolate chip cookies my fav Brandon needs to bring murma one.

Valley Girl said...

Awww...so cute!!! Your children are so gorgeous!!!!

kristi said...

Yummo. My son calls milk "nilk" too! But he will not drink it!

Mrs. F said...

Too cool. A future chef in the making.

(kinda side-not, kinda related): Rissa was stirring the pots tonight and informed me that she wants to be a chef when she grows up. At the exact same moment I pulled out a conversation heart that said "Top Chef" on it. Huh!

I love that you involve Brandon in your cooking. So cool!

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