One of those days

I just spent a good 3 minutes in the kitchen at work freaking out because I couldn't remember if my lunch took a minute and a half to microwave or if it was 90 seconds. Yes. It is that kind of day.

Codi has only had two doses of iron but already he is presenting me with some AWESOME black tar diapers, I'm sure he will never do it for Rob though because that's just my luck.

I hate the new year at work. I am posting invoices and half are 2008 the other half 2009. That means that when I'm in 08 and then get an 09 invoice if I don't' think first I'll post it as 01.08.08. Which will then produce A YEARS WORTH OF FINANCE CHARGES FOR A CUSTOMER.

To top it all off, I just pulled up the provider list for my insurance. There is not ONE SINGLE psychiatrist covered on my insurance with in 50 miles of me.

Great day.


Jiff said...

No one within 50 miles?!? AAHHH!!! Sometimes I really hate insurance. Okay, most of the time I hate it.

Sorry you're having a rough day. Hope it gets better.

Coffee Slut said...

Black tar diapers ...the joys of motherhood!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe you put my song on here. Whatev

Mrs. F said...

So which one did you choose to go with? A minute and a half? Or 90 seconds?


Heidi said...

At least you are close to the date. I occasionally still put 04, why I have no idea. Still a pain in the ass though with invoices.

Lainey-Paney said...

mmmmm that food looks good. anything with spinach makes me happy.


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