Slow churn Thin Mint ice cream and wine don't taste good together!

Also, it makes me soo sad that Codi is getting to big to fit in his baby towels. Fucking kids, why do they grow up so fast?

Also, I'm tying to change my music weekly so give me feedback. Do you like the tunes I'm playing, do you have suggestions, anything special you would like to hear?


Moxymama said...

Check out the song "Home" by Tandy. I love it. Also, "Good Things" by the Bodeans.

lucinda! said...

love that you are playing afi. they are one of my favorite bands. most of my friends dont have the same music taste as i do , so this is nice to hear it from an unexpected source.

Valley Girl said...

Yeah, I could've told you that, sweetie! Hmm...try Bailey's and think mint ice cream...yum! Or do a buttery nipple! Two parts Bailey's and two parts Butterscotch Schnapps.

Jiff said...

I know. Bayley has outgrown some of her cutest outfits and things.

As for the music...I read blogs mainly at work (shhhh!) so I don't have the volume turned on to hear your music. Sorry. :(

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