What would you do

Tomorrow morning when you wake up you will discover that the FDA has discovered a new way of eating. All of the world will survive on nothing but pills. We will gain all nutrition from that. You have. You have one day left of eating real normal food. What do you pick?

I will answer this all for you too. So far, as silly as it seems I know two things. One, I would have to have some sort of Everything bagel toasted with extra plain cream cheese from the bagel store down the street from me. Scratch that, I would fly to NYC for an everything bagel and extra plain cream cheese! Also...I would need some sort of potato...preferably a large one...with cheese and chives and sour cream.

I will work on my final list tonight and give you my final meal tomorrow. But how about you. Please tell me, if today was your last day to eat what would you eat for your final, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and of course Dessert?

P.S. for this one day you have UNLIMITED stomach capacity!


Moxymama said...

Hmmm...I could probably come up with something great if I took some time to think...but off the top of my head. A salt bagel with onion and chive cream cheese topped with tomatoes and red onions for breakfast. Lunch is a bit toughter, but probably a fest of Mexican food. Dinner would consist of ribeye steak, lobster, crap, some shrimp cocktail, a huge, delicious salad. Now, I'm hungry.

Moxymama said...

okay, I made some major typos before. I would have a "feast" of Mexican food and this time I'll pass on the "crap" and take "crab" instead. :)

Mom said...

This sounds like someone that is on death row and is going to the gas chamber the next day. In the movies they alway want a pizza from some strange place.

Have to think about this one but I know mashed taters will be on there.

Jiff said...

I would eat EVERYthing in sight!

Okay, maybe not...but I'd def do steak, lobster, crab cakes (I LMAO at "crap" from Moxymama), CHEESE DIP, french fries, and Mexican food. Oh, and Chinese. And Italian.

Let me go back to EVERYthing in sight!

Anonymous said...

Sushi, #7 with no beans, nu yalk pizza, #7 no beans, deli town roast beef and turkey, #7 no beans, bertha mirandas, #7 no beans, sushi, that chicken you made the other night, cookies and cream ice cream, and a #7 for dessert.

; )

Christina said...

Ok I am throwing in on top of unlimited stomach capacity, a miracle cure for allergys so that...I could eat RAW tree fruit (my allergy is to raw when the protien in tree fruit is cooked I am fine but musshy fruit uck) soooo raw tree fruits allllllll day to bite into an organic apple oh I miss thee....(been 15 years since I could eat raw tree fruits)

Milk products including the biggest sundae with WALNUTS for lunch then back to munching fruit

And for dinner eggs benadict(never tried) and would like to know what lobster and crabs taste like(wihtout you know killing me)
late night snack good old southern fried chicken biscuts gravy and mashed potatoes.

Lainey-Paney said...

I'd say, F*ck the govt & FDA. I'd go buy as many plant seeds as I could, and I'd start a garden!

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